Affordable Dentures (Partial or Complete) in the Bronx

Bronx Full Denture PatientDentures enable you to reclaim complete dental function and the appearance of a natural, healthy smile after tooth loss. Whether you are missing all of your teeth or just a few, dentures can help you chew comfortably, enunciate clearly and smile confidently.

Thanks to advances in technology and materials, modern dentures are better looking and more comfortable than ever. They are also very strong and durable, and can last for years with the proper care and maintenance. Dr. Robert Steinberger is able to customize the fit and feel of dentures, making them appear virtually identical to natural teeth.

Types of Dentures: Partial Dentures or Full Dentures

Dentures are constructed from artificial teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base, which closely conforms to the contours of the natural gums. An upper denture covers the roof of the mouth (i.e., the palate), whereas the lower denture is horseshoe-shaped with room to accommodate the tongue.

Partial dentures replace some missing teeth or clusters of missing teeth. They fasten to the remaining natural teeth or crowns placed over the natural teeth.

Full (or complete) dentures replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or both.

Dr. Steinberger will help you select the type of dentures that is best for your needs. Regardless of the type of dentures you select, your appliance(s) will be customized to your specifications. The dentures will be personalized to fit the measurements and contours of your mouth, and matched to the size, shape and color of any remaining teeth you have.

The Process of Getting Dentures

The process of fitting and placing dentures normally requires several dental visits.

Bronx affordable denturesDuring the first visit, East Tremont Dental specialist, Dr. Steinberger will examine your gums and supporting bone, as well as any remaining teeth, and discuss your needs. He will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment based on what he feels is best for your dental function and overall dental health.

You will have impressions taken of the contours of your mouth to help the dental laboratory that constructs your dentures.

You may or may not need to have remaining weak or damaged teeth extracted to prepare for the placement of your dentures. If this is the case, Dr. Steinberger can place an immediate denture to serve as a provisional replacement for the teeth, so you do not have to be “toothless.”

Once your permanent dentures are ready, you will return for a second visit. Dr. Steinberger will try on the dentures in your mouth and check their fit and feel. He can make modifications if needed to improve their stability or comfort.

There will be a slight adjustment period as you get used to wearing your new dentures. The dentures might feel unusual in your mouth, and you might have some soreness, slight irritation or increased saliva flow. You may have to practice chewing or enunciating with your dentures. Gradually, your comfort and confidence will improve.

With the proper hygiene and care, your dentures can last for many years.

Learn More about Your Tooth Replacement Options

If you have lost one tooth, several teeth or all of your teeth, Dr. Steinberger can help. Please schedule a consultation at East Tremont Dental to discuss your tooth replacement options and find the best fit for your needs.