Restorative Dentistry in the Bronx

Did you know that improving the look of your smile is a simple way to improve your entire look? Whitening discolored teeth, placing natural-looking veneers over cracked or otherwise damaged teeth, or filling in the gap left by missing teeth can take years off your appearance and help you look more polished overall.

Not to mention, the field of restorative dentistry has become increasingly popular over the last decade, leading to the research and development of technological advancements in the industry. These innovations allow Robert E. Steinberger, DDS, and his team at East Tremont Dental to restore your smile affordably, quickly and, above all, with minimal to no discomfort.

One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. That is why Bronx dentist Dr. Steinberger is proud to help patients like you restore or renew your smile. Dr. Steinberger realizes the importance of having a healthy smile you can be proud of. He is committed to helping your smile look its best, so you feel confident and look infectiously happy.

What Restorative Dentistry Treats

At East Tremont Dental, Dr. Steinberger offers a range of smile-restoring treatment options to meet your unique oral health and aesthetic needs, as well the following areas:

  • Teeth Whitening – Dr. Steinberger provides teeth-bleaching treatment to whiten and brighten the color of your teeth.
  • Restorative dentistry - Dr. Steinberger is highly sought after for his expertise in improving the overall health and stability of his patients mouths.
  • Crown placement – The Bronx dentist offers porcelain crowns to improve the look, size, shape or alignment of damaged or decaying teeth.
  • Veneer placement – Dr. Steinberger may suggest porcelain veneers to cover chipped, cracked or stained teeth. Natural-looking veneers can also be used to improve the appearance of unevenly sized or shaped teeth or to mask a small gap between teeth.
  • Dental implant placement – He can use dental implants to replace lost teeth or fill in the space left by missing teeth.
  • Updating old restoration attempts – In addition, Dr. Steinberger has extensive experience in replacing outdated restorative dental treatments.

Why Choose East Tremont Dental for Your Smile Restoration

Choosing The right reconstructive dentist is an important undertaking. Because your smile is one of the first features that others notice about you, it is crucial to choose a highly skilled smile-restoration dentist who is patient and will listen to your aesthetic concerns to perform your treatment. Luckily, Bronx patients can choose East Tremont Dental for top quality restorative dental treatments.

Dr. Steinberger has many years of general and restorative dentistry experience, as well as countless satisfied patients to prove it. The Bronx dentist treats all his patients like members of his family, taking into account their aesthetic concerns and their objectives for restorative dentistry treatment before formulating an appropriate treatment plan.

Also, East Tremont Dental offers several sedation dentistry options to ensure that patients are comfortable throughout the duration of their smile-restoration treatment. They offer nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” oral conscious sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation options, so even patients with a phobia of the dentist feel at ease during treatment.

Restore Your Smile and Improve Your Overall Look (and Outlook)

Keep in mind that restoring a healthy smile can improve your overall look, as well as your outlook. It is hard to stop smiling when you have a beautiful, healthy smile that makes you look younger and feel more self-assured. Not to mention, studies have shown that the more you smile, the happier and more optimistic you feel overall.

If you are ready to restore your smile and feel happier, it is time to pursue smile-restoration treatment. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Steinberger to learn more about your restorative dentistry treatment options, please contact East Tremont Dental by calling (718) 823-3000 today.