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In order to stay on the leading edge of dentistry, East Tremont Dental is prepared to handle the unique concerns of a wide range of patients. From time to time, our team of expert dentists meet patients who have dental anxiety or dental phobia. Their goal is to make these patients feel as relaxed and calm as possible during treatment. This can be achieved through sedation dentistry techniques, which use anti-anxiety agents or sedatives

Dental Anxiety / Phobia

Dental anxiety and phobia can range in severity; some patients may feel elevated levels of stress when they visit the dentist, while others may avoid dental treatment altogether because of crippling fear. Here are some of the most common reasons for dental anxiety and dental phobia:

  • A prior bad experience with another dentist or healthcare professional
  • Fear of pain, helplessness or loss of control
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Fear of needles or dental drills
  • Need for extensive or complicated treatment (tooth extraction, oral surgery)

Sedation Dentistry Options

The highly skilled dentist team at East Tremont is trained in sedation dentistry techniques, which are intended to alleviate dental fear and anxiety. Sedation dentistry medications and local anesthetics significantly reduce – or even eliminate – discomfort during dental procedures, such as the placement of porcelain crowns, dental implant surgery or periodontal treatment. Sedation dentistry medications can be administered as pills, liquids, or injections, or can be inhaled. Types of sedation dentistry include the following:

Nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas”): inhaled through a small mask that is placed over the patient’s nose during treatment. After breathing normally through the nose for a few minutes, patients start to feel calm and comfortable while staying awake. They remain in a “conscious sedation” state where they are able to hear and respond to requests from the dental team. The effects of the nitrous oxide last as long as the mask remains in place; when it is removed, the effects wear off.

Oral conscious sedation: patients take an oral medication several hours prior to dental treatment. The medication helps them feel calm and more relaxed. Patients remain in “conscious sedation” as described above. They are drowsy but still responsive.

IV sedation: Our professional sedation dentist will place a needle in the patient’s arm or hand. The needle is hooked up to an IV drip, which releases sedation medication. Patients are put in a “twilight sleep” and are less aware of their surroundings and treatment, but are still able to breathe on their own and respond to instructions. IV sedation may be used for patients who have dental implant surgery or similarly complex treatment.

Sedation dentists are specially trained to administer these medications. The type of sedation used is based on a number of factors, including the type of procedure being performed, medical history, allergies and anxiety level.

The professionals at East Tremont Dental are dentists Bronx patients trust to deliver comfortable, safe, and pain-free care. If you would like to know more about sedation dentistry in the Bronx, please contact East Tremont Dental by calling (718) 823-3000. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The dentists at East Tremont Dental are pleased to provide safe, comfortable care to all of their patients.

They offer sedation dentistry techniques to those patients who are apprehensive about treatment, including dental implants and porcelain veneers patients. The practice is also widely visited by pediatric dentistry and periodontal care patients.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?
At East Tremont Dental, patient safety and comfort is a top priority. Before the procedure we will review your medical history to see if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry. During your procedure you will be carefully monitored by our staff to ensure your well-being. In the hands of the experienced sedation dentists at our dental office, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective option. However, as with any medical procedure, there are some risks and our team would be happy to discuss this with you.

Can I Drive Myself Home After Sedation?
For patients that choose to undergo sedation dentistry, we recommend that you get dropped off and picked up by someone, as it is not safe to drive while the sedation is wearing off. Patients should arrange for a loved one to assist them with transportation to and from our dental office prior to their appointment.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Sedation?
Many insurance companies consider sedation to be an elective option and do not cover the costs associated with sedation dentistry. For specific questions regarding your insurance plan, we suggest contacting your provider as they will be able to best assist you. If you would like to know the cost of our sedation options, please contact our dental office and we would be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

Who is a Good Candidate for Sedative Dentistry?

First off, a good candidate for our sedative procedures should be generally in good health. Patients who are allergic to sedatives are unlikely to be good candidates. Sedation dentistry is not recommended for patients who are pregnant. Our Dentists will be able to give you an assessment during your scheduled consultation at our practice to see if sedatives are right for you.

If you are in the right state of overall health and if you suffer from dental anxiety, then you are qualified for this treatment.

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